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I’m Sarah Wilson, the owner of Perfectly Pilates. My passion is to help as many people as possible to achieve better quality of life meaning less pain and tension in their bodies, less stress & anxiety and the ability to live a more full, free life. 

Achieve a better quality of life

I specialise in back and joint pain & injury, as well as joint replacement prevention & rehabilitation. I love seeing people achieve things they never thought their body was capable of – for some people that’s holding a really tricky position in class, sometimes it’s reporting to me that they can now put their shoes on and fasten them without having sit down or, my favourite, being able to get down on the floor to play with their grandchildren! That’s what I mean by a better quality of life.


As the main causes of pain are lack of mobility and strength, I teach people how to move and exercise better to help improve your experience of everyday activities, eradicate postural, joint & muscle pain, and to deepen your mind-body connection, creating a sense of total wellbeing so that you are ready to face your next challenge with a calm and focused mind.

Pilates is so simple and effective for whole-body strength yet it’s not easy, not if you’re doing it right anyway. It’s also such a wonderful practice and release for your mind as well. I have practiced Pilates since 2009 and I qualified as a Teacher in 2016 and I then evolved & deepened my training in 2020 with Michael King who, with Alan Herdman, brought Pilates to the UK in the ’70s and who continues to be a key influence of the U.K. Pilates teaching Standards. I’m so happy that my journey took me from practicing Pilates in my spare time to becoming a fully qualified Teacher & Coach, helping people to understand how well they can really become and how we are all so much more in charge of our own wellness & pain than we often realise.

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"Love it! Sarah's instructions are clear and easy to follow with fun analogies that really help you understand what you are supposed to be doing. My personal quest to touch my toes will one day be realised 😄."


"After only 6 sessions I have gone from limited mobility (side effect of meds) to improved posture, less achy and so so flexible. Thank you Sarah for your online class as I was too self conscious to ever go to a class in a gym Absolutely brilliant."


"Usually do Sarah’s classes at Shiney Row but have been doing her live and interactive classes via zoom. They’re fantastic for keeping motivated and doing pilates at home, it’s almost like having her in my front room. Thank you."


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