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welcome to perfectly pilates

Expert & friendly providers of both online & face-to-face therapeutic Pilates classes, 1:1 joint injury and post-surgery rehabilitation, & a variety of health & wellbeing workshops.

Elevate your wellbeing, reduce back or joint pain and feel younger with our, flexibility & strength Pilates classes.  Or if you’re looking for a more personalise, tailored approach then try our 1:1 injury or post-surgery rehabiliation therapy.  This can be done via Zoom or in-person in Bristol, Wiltshire or Somerset while we’re in the area during 2023-25.

We work to support you through injury rehab, reduce aching joints, restore functional movement to joints, and improve your posture, core strength and fitness.  We have local Pilates classes or 1:1s in the North East in Houghton-le-Spring, and online classes and 1:1s on Zoom streamed live from a canal boat with our Injury Rehab Coach.  On nice days, our online classes are streamed to your home from the British countryside or a known landmark from the river Thames, for example, from the roof of the boat making our classes unique with extra interesting and relaxing landscapes and the sights & sounds of nature from some of the most beautiful places in the UK.  Talk about wellbeing-boosting classes!  Our client community loves the greenery, the water, wildlife, the bird song, paddle boarders, and perhaps best of all the ever-present chance of your teacher falling in the water – that’s all part of our online class experience!

Join us to keep moving well, feeling healthy, get stronger, improve your posture, or become free from lower-back pain and sciatica.

why our clients choose perfectly pilates

Achieve your wellbeing goals

Our aim is to help as many people as possible to understand that we can live with far less pain, tension & anxiety when we know how to take care of ourselves properly. 

Functional movement & effective breathing are huge components of wellbeing. We want everyone to understand that by moving around more and exercising properly with control of our bodies, we allow our body to function at its best.

Our exercise methods will not only improve your flexibility & strength, and reduce your joint & muscle pain, they will also improve your circulation & breathing function, helping all your vital organs to work better.  Your oxygen levels will increase meaning you can think clearer, have better focus and concentration, less stress, and your body can heal itself much more effectively.

After your first class you will notice how much more relaxed yet revitalised you feel, and you’ll have that feeling every single time!


Try our local face-to-face or online classes and feel the difference, whether you want to keep moving well, feeling healthy, get stronger & more toned, improve your posture, or become free from lower-back pain and sciatica.

Online Live & Interactive Classes

£7.50 Per Class

£5.50 for a recording with access for one week!

Local In-Person Pilates Classes

From £8.25 Per Class

Fun & challenging classes with supportive coaching from our expert team – Beginners Welcome!

Tailored One-to-one sessions

£60 Per 1 Hour Session

Block booking & package prices available.

Looking for the best possible results, tailored & personal to your needs? Personal training with our Expert Coach guarantees excellent results faster.


We are friendly, welcoming & passionate Pilates Teachers & Therapists who are highly trained, experienced & fully-qualified. We each fell in love with practicing Pilates and worked for years
on our own practice before deciding to teach this method to help others to feel, move, look & live better too. While we each have our own unique style of teaching, we're all supportive & compassionate about our clients and their experiences, pain, abilities & limitations, and we know how to adapt & tailor movements so you can feel confident you'll be safe with us.



Sarah is the owner & our online teacher & Injury Rehab Coach at Perfectly Pilates.
She’s incredibly supportive & is trusted by our clients to help ease and improve just about any ailment, pain or injury.
And our clients really have tested her out from fused spines fixed with pins & cement, to sciatica, scoliosis, broken spines, shoulder dislocation rehab, frozen shoulder rehab, diastasis recti, pelvic-floor dysfunction, patella tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, arthritic toes, preventing hip-replacement surgery, as well as knee & hip-replacement surgery rehab.
She also supports people living with Parkinson’s Disease, recovering from Strokes, MS and other neurological conditions to improve cognitive ability, balance, co-ordination, mobility, strength, confidence and a better quality of life.

She says seeing people become more in control of their body as they build stability & stregth, and be in less pain is a tremendous reward.
Sarah’s available for 1:1 therapy in the Bristol, Somerset & Wiltshire area during 2023-25. Contact us to find out more and book your consultation.

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Glenn teaches our North East mat classes in Houghton-le-Spring. Glenn loves being on the water & he found Pilates when his white-water kayaking coach suggested he try it to help improve co-ordination, control, balance and agility with his water sports.
Learning the control, strength and flexibility that Pilates provides and the way it supports our body’s natural movement to prevent injuries is how Glenn fell love with the Method of Pilates.
His wholehearted dedication to the Method is shown in the way Glenn supports everyone from athletes and office workers, to busy mums and those wanting to stay active, strong and healthy in their retirement. He loves seeing people becoming more free in their movement and having more control over their bodies as they begin to really understand how their body functions and get stronger.
Glenn is experienced, professional and compassionate. His teaching style is exacting yet fun and he really knows how to get the best out of people, improving their practice, their fitness, their back pain, quality of life and their mood! Book your Houghton-le-Spring class with Glenn today - you'll never look back.

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April, 10th, 2021


Founder & Head instructor



July, 2021


Founder, Pilates Teacher & Joint Injury Rehab Coach & Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach.



August, 5th, 2021


Founder, Pilates Teacher & Joint Injury Rehab Coach & Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach.

What our clients say...

"I started attending Sarah's classes, what a difference! I'm hooked! I really enjoy the classes - Sarah is so knowledgeable but explains it in such a clear way, it makes it easy to follow."