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We’re highly trained, experienced & fully-qualified, and we each fell in love with practicing Pilates.

We are friendly, welcoming & passionate Pilates Teachers. We’re highly trained, experienced & fully-qualified, and we each fell in love with practicing Pilates and worked for years on our own practice before deciding to train to teach. It’s what we love. We’re all adventurous & active and love nothing more than being with our pets or being outdoors hiking, cycling, some of us sailing and kayaking, some of us white-water kayaking. But, we are all different people from our own unique backgrounds, with different experiences and approaches and we blend as a team so well.

We all love what we do because we believe in the Pilates Method and we’ve seen and experienced how it helps people of all abilities, fitness levels & ages to get out of pain, get stronger, fitter and have a far better quality of life than ever before.

For us, it’s not about you getting your bikini body (although that happens too), it’s about you being better in your body & mind holistically – mentally, physically & emotionally, and Pilates addresses all aspects. It’s one of the most mindful movement methods, requiring deep concentration, focus & control.

We’ve all trained extensively with the World-Renowned Michael King, who brought Pilates to the UK with Alan Herdman, and was key to establishing the U.K. Pilates qualifications and standards we have today. We all learn more, study & absorb new information about Pilates, other movement methods & the latest in biomechanics, teaching & the human body to stay sharp, fresh and bring more & more benefit and value to our students & clients. It’s safe to say, we are Pilates & movement medicine geeks!

Sarah is the owner & Head Coach at Perfectly Pilates. She teaches online & our local classes in the Hexham area in Northumberland &, along with Glenn, our Houghton-le-Spring classes. As head coach, Sarah has a busy diary of one-to-one personal training clients who she works with predominantly online now to help with their wellbeing, mobility, pain-management & fitness goals. She also provides Pilates induction one-to-ones online to help get people started in Pilates or a refresher for those returning after a break.

She has a background of 17 years in customer & media communications, customer experience & regulation. She found her passion for Pilates & functional movement in 2009 when looking for a regular exercise routine she could stick with and not get bored with quickly. She found it in Pilates and after practicing for 8 years, she left her corporate work life to train and qualify as a Level 3 Pilates Teacher and launched Perfectly Pilates in January 2017.

Sarah and her clients & students like know she’s found her ‘calling’. Her passion is to help as many people as possible to achieve a better quality of life, meaning less pain and tension in their bodies, less stress & anxiety and the ability to live a more full, free life. Sarah specialises in back and joint pain & injury, as well as joint-replacement prevention & rehabilitation. 

She loves seeing people achieve things they never thought their body was capable of – for some people that’s holding a really tricky position in class, sometimes it’s when they tell her that they can now put their shoes on and fasten them without having sit down or, Sarah’s favourite, being able to get down on the floor to play with their grandchildren! Now, that’s what we mean by a better quality of life.

Over the last few years, Sarah has helped so many people to manage improve their breathing capability, to get out of back & shoulder pain & teach people the tools and techniques to manage their pain, their spasms etc. when pain does happen and how to make sure it happens with less frequency and doesn’t cause as much disruption to their lives.

Her clients say there is no ailment, ache or injury that she hasn’t been able to help sort out or give advice on and when a student has an injury or problem in class, we all learn from her advice.

Sarah learns & plays with movement techniques to find ways to get the most out of a movement and to combine movements for better, challenging & more efficient results. She is known for her vast wealth of knowledge and seemingly encyclopaedic well of information on the human body and mind.

“Pilates is so simple and effective for whole-body strength yet it’s not easy, not if you’re doing it right anyway. It’s also such a wonderful practice and release for your mind as well”, says Sarah. She loves helping people to understand how well the can really become and how we are all so much more in charge of our own wellness & pain than often we realise

Glenn is North-East born & bred. He lives in Seaham, on the coast of County Durham, within five minutes’ walk of the beach and the North Sea. He, along with Sarah, teaches our North East classes in Houghton-le-Spring.

In his earlier working life, he was a police officer in the Met and then worked in the Youth Offending Service; and later qualified as a Secondary School Teacher in History & P.E. He’s always had a keen interest in physical fitness & high-intensity sports; and discovering Pilates was a game-changer for him. He says this opened his eyes to a completely different way of maintaining strength, mobility, flexibility & mobility without impacting his joints, as well as really improving overall wellbeing & mental health. He believes Pilates is a vital component of taking care of ourselves as we get older.

He’s a perfect fit (pardon the pun) for Perfectly Pilates, as he’s always seeking to learn new & different perspectives and ways of teaching a movement to provide a deeper understanding and more benefit from the movements, ensuring our students get the best results from their classes with us.

Glenn has been practising Pilates since 2006 and teaching since 2018. He’s a very active teacher and doesn’t miss a thing!

He gives demonstrations, but then is quickly up on his feet, walking around the room and checking how people are moving, assessing their technique where necessary; giving teaching points, providing visualisations to help people ‘see’ and ‘feel’ a pattern of movement so they continue to improve their practice and get the best-possible results

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"Love it! Sarah's instructions are clear and easy to follow with fun analogies that really help you understand what you are supposed to be doing. My personal quest to touch my toes will one day be realised 😄."


"After only 6 sessions I have gone from limited mobility (side effect of meds) to improved posture, less achy and so so flexible. Thank you Sarah for your online class as I was too self conscious to ever go to a class in a gym Absolutely brilliant."


"Usually do Sarah’s classes at Shiney Row but have been doing her live and interactive classes via zoom. They’re fantastic for keeping motivated and doing pilates at home, it’s almost like having her in my front room. Thank you."