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Our workshops are always popular and really help people to learn ways to get out of pain or become more free from limitations and improve their lives. You’ll get a lot of useful information, guidance & demonstrations of techniques & exercises to help improve your life & body and renew your spirit, bringing you much closer to your ideal health and complete wellbeing.

Improve your life & body

Be led and supported by our fully-qualified & highly experienced team who are really friendly & welcoming, making you feel comfortable and immediately at ease. In every workshop, you’ll meet other people who are experiencing and struggling with the same concerns as you so you’ll never feel alone or out of place; and we hope you’ll find your kind of people and your movement teachers!

We know everybody has physical limitations & injuries, and things they wish they were better at – that’s just human and we don’t judge that. We take you as you are and help you to move forward through understanding & showing you how to move, breathe & feel better.

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achieve complete wellbeing

We are a trusted team of experts in our fields who keep up-to-date with latest studies and biomechanical learning so you can be sure you’re working in the best and most effective ways to get the best results, saving you a lot of money on pain relief, treatments and fads that simply don’t work in the long-term. We will get excellent results in ways that feel good and you can feel that it is doing good for you and your body.

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Are there any workshop topics you’d love to see us cover? Please tell us – email sarah@perfectlypilates.co.uk  We’re here to serve & help you so we need to know what you need.

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"Love it! Sarah's instructions are clear and easy to follow with fun analogies that really help you understand what you are supposed to be doing. My personal quest to touch my toes will one day be realised 😄."


"After only 6 sessions I have gone from limited mobility (side effect of meds) to improved posture, less achy and so so flexible. Thank you Sarah for your online class as I was too self conscious to ever go to a class in a gym Absolutely brilliant."


"Usually do Sarah’s classes at Shiney Row but have been doing her live and interactive classes via zoom. They’re fantastic for keeping motivated and doing pilates at home, it’s almost like having her in my front room. Thank you."